How Often To Use Hair Mousse


How Often To

Use Hair Mousse

Hair mousse, also know as styling foam, can help you keep your hair in place or define curls, waves, braids and twists. If you're using hair mousse for the first time you may be wondering how often to apply it. In this post , we will answer this question along with others for you.

Mousse contain alcohol and other drying agents that may cause your hair to dry out. With that being said, though you can use it everyday, its best to only use when need and take note in any changes in your hair.


Is Too Much Mousse Bad For Your Hair?

Too much of anything can be bad for your hair, and mousse is no different. The best way to counter the side effects of using too much mousse is to pay special attention to the ingredients in the mousse you use and find a hair mousse that works best for your specific texture of hair.

If you notice your hair becoming dry to brittle then cut back on the usage to help restore balance or consider adding moisture to keep your hair healthy.


Does It Make Your Braids Neater?

As we know, a great way to prevent your braid extensions from frizzing is by using a good mousse. Foaming Mousse is meant to add hold, shine, and conceal frizz. So, One way to keep them looking neat and snatched is by using a styling foam or mousse.


Heart designed braids with picture of foaming mousse

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