How to Maintain Your Braids


Here’s 6 tips to get the most out of your hair style

Rashell Sierra, BEAUTYLUXERS
  1. Moisturize your hair to keep it healthy and encourage growth with essential oils. Use water-based mousse to reduce build up and seamlessly lay your edges + Frey hairs. Do not use scissors to cut Frey hairs. Spritz your scalp when itchy or irritated using a natural astringent like witch hazel, distilled water and tea tree oil.
  2. Practice Proper night care. Don’t let the friction of your bed hit your braids. This will cause your ends to Frey. Wrap it up at night in A silk or satin scarf and it should do just the trick.
  3. Avoid over-styling just like your natural hair can experience wear and tear, so can your braids. So it’s important to style your braids with extreme care. Use your hands to style, watch your nails and be sure that Bobby pins have a protective coat on the ends.
  4. Do a braid touch up and retouch the front or perimeter in between time. Let’s be real, if your braids are “old looking“ after 3 weeks, get a touch up and keep your hair up longer.
  5. Clean your hair, your box braids are not resistant to sweat and dirt buildups, and you certainly do not want your braids stinking. Wash your hair every 2-3 weeks throughout recommended 8 week of wearing hairstyle. Wash your hair the regular way or dry-wash.
  6. Know when to take your hair out do not carry your braids beyond suggested 6 weeks or recommended 8 weeks. This is a braid sin that we all commit to. 12 weeks is entirely too long Sis don’t loose hair trying to save a repeatable style. From me to You
These steps apply while maintaining your braids 😃 We will be happy to care for your hair and help maintain it’s strength and proper nutrition for growth. Our Beauty Oil is excellent for hair growth. Start your journey with our hair growth oil

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