5 Ways to Use Lashes to Surprise & Delight Every time

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As flashy and exciting as Lashes can be, everyone knows that lash extensions is where it’s really at.

Put your best foot forward this year and look great in every photo with your beautiful lashes that compliment your face. Increase your confidence and decrease your morning preparation time.


Translation: It's worth having your eyes pop! Good eyelashes widen and brighten your eyes which brings life to an otherwise tired face. Dark eyelashes actually emphasize the sclera and the iris of your eyes which have the impressive ability to transform your face.

As we know, Eyelashes protect your eyes by keeping dirt, sweat, water and other unwanted debris out. Like lashes were added to Mickey and created Minnie Mouse, Now let's add eyelashes to your car and you've got yourself a lady car😅


Now let’s dig in with five ways you can use Lashes to surprise and delight every time — using real-world examples! 


1. Lightly Trim for a Flawless Install

A light Trimming makes the lashes look like they were made exclusively for you. 

Easiest Way To Trim ? Using application scissors we trim the band after measuring your lash length 
Why Trim false lashes ?  We trim our lashes to shorten the length of the band. Think of it as tailoring your lashes like you have it done for your clothing.


2. Never Miss with a Traditional Install

Use our guide with photos included to help you right on your way to pro application.

3. Stack for Added Drama

If you've got two pair of the same lashes on hand try stacking them together with lash glue emphasis on "lash". (No pun intended). No matching pair of lashes? No worries sometimes you'll find that mixing things up a bit may suite you just right.

Did someone say Drama? Am I the Drama? Ha Ha, Ive been itching to say that.  I like to wear mint lashes stacked when going for a more bolder look or rocking big hair. Because you know, the hair has to match the lashes right ladies and gents? So have fun and stack something! 

4. Celebrate with a Pop of Color

Like a Pretty Horizon over the ocean, color is always brighter. This trend has got to be one of the sickest. Wow, who knew that there were so many creative things you could do to your little hairs on your eyelids.

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Adding a pop of color is so fun and so festive and it contributes and gives so greatly to your ootd  (outfit of the day) If you're not having fun with your looks, what are you doing?

5. Bedazzle and Excite

Customize your eye wear with bling.We haven't seen it yet but when you do on social meduadon't forget to hashtag #beautyluxers so we can also see the goodness going on out here in the universe. SHEIN lashes pictured below.


Once you get started with surprise and delight quick tips, you’re sure to be delighted with the results. But it’s important to check in with how your efforts are working. 

Let us know if your going to try and of these




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