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7 Go-To Protective Styles for 2023 

No Better way to protect your curly coils than with a good protective style. A Protective Hairstyle keeps the hair tucked away limiting manipulation during bad weather months when the temperature drops. Cornrows are a popular and versatile protective hairstyle that can be worn on all hair types and lengths….

It doesn’t typically require restyling and can last from days to even months. 

Are you looking for your next protective style to rock this year? Well we’ve got you covered. Here are 7 of our favorite go-to protective styles for 2023 at Beautyluxers.

Designer tribal braids with 6 shade brown beads at the ends. Three layers of braids that are shoulder length

1. Fulani Braids w/beads 

They're called tribal braids because they originate from a tribe called Fulani who are now dispersed across the Western, Northern and Central parts of Africa. With three intricate layers of braids and a very unique pattern its easy to spot Tribal Braids. 

natural locs have been two strand twisted together and each two strand twist has been barreled. four flat twist on right with a bang on left side

2. Natural Locs Retwist & Style 

A typical retwist can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on how you take care of your roots. If you're starting locs begin with coils or double strand twist and leave them in past alloted 3-5 weeks and they will begin to lock overtime.

3. Jumbo Knotless Hearts 

15 Jumbo Hearts on her crown and each heart consists of two braids combined into one. After you combine the two cornrows you feed in more hair until your desired thickness. The ends were curled with white rods then dipped into a hot kettle before being blotted and finished. 2022 and 2023 ate this entire look up especially around Valentine’s Day 2023!


eight black zigzag snake braids from front to back the color of the braid changes from black to pink then purple. The Ends of the braids are wrapped into barrels 

4. Snake Braids w/barrels 

Stitch braids are very popular in 2023. These Eight Zigzag Stitch Braids with a fun touch of pink and purple set the tone on its own. Super Trendy looks are easy to create. We offer online classes to show you how!

smedium Box Braids in color number four. The hair is styled by pulling a couple of braids near the ears into a loose pony at the back of head while the other braids hang

5. Box Braids

There’s a reason box braids are one of the most popular protective styles—they’re easy to maintain, yes, and also super versatile plus fun to style. Do you Love the look but don’t have time to sit? Increase the drama by parting bigger sections which will save braiding time and keep your maintenance to a minimum. 

Girl smirking and rolls eyes to top left. She’s showing her knotless braids after getting it done

6. Knotless Box Braids

One look at these knotless box braids and you understand why these beauties have had the girls in a choke hold for all of 2023. They're sleek since the beginning of this braid begins with your natural hair instead of braiding hair. They can easily be styled into updos, and even braided together. They can be as light weight or as full as you desire.


Four Stitch Braids at front of head done with synthetic braiding hair. the braids have clear beads on the ends. For the back there is a 16' Traditional Sew In with curly human hair

7. Stitch Braids + Traditional Sew In 

Four Jumbo Stitch Braids and a Sew In were the girls favorite. This style has been a go-to for vacations, birthdays, babe trips, girls trips and holiday treats. The Human hair in the back adds a beautiful realistic touch and it appears that this is all of her hair. Ah the illusion on Art is so magnificent! 

What are Protective Styles ?

Some common protective styles are flat twists, crochet, box braids, cornrows, weaves and twists. These are hairstyles that are used to protect the hair and encourages healthy growth. This is why some women who are natural opt in to install protective styles  because the benefits are to save time and limit damage.


How Do Protective Styles Protect Natural Hair ?

By going low maintenance and keeping it simple you are protecting your hair from physical, chemical or environmental damage.

Protective Styles Can...

  • encourage your hair to grow
    • DNA determines the rate at which hair grows
    • maintaining healthy hair habits compliments this
  • limit manipulation from combing, brushing, detangling and daily styling
  • protect your hair from color treatment, high heat and chemicals
  • keep your hair safely tucked away during bad weather months when the temperature drops

All of these factors put stress on your hair which can cause noticeable damage overtime.

That’s why I like to give my hair and myself a break with protective styles. They are meant to encourage hair growth and can save so much time since the idea is to touch the hair as little as possible.

 Owner Sierra Rashell wearing Goddess Box braids smiling

My favorite protective style I do on myself is goddess box braids. It’s quick (only takes 3-4 hours) versatile and it can be worn in any setting.

Protective Styles 1-7 strangle in a collage. Which style do you think looks the best and would wear?

Which style is your Favorite and are Likely to Wear? Comment below, Upload a pic and show us if you’ve ever had any of these styles before. 


Ladies and gentleman, where do you get your ideas when it's time to switch up your protective style? 

When choosing your protective style what factors do you consider? Pinterest? Google? Do you only rock braids in the winter and spring or are you a year round wearer? Do you go to a near by salon or Do it Yourself (DIY) at home. Share your tips/ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

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