The Woman Who Left Her Weave In For Over Two Years

First i want to be honest and say " Why would someone do that to themselves?" like is it really that serious, "can a person loose interest in self care that much?"
Here is a lady that allowed her hair weave to remain in her hair for 2 years straight, no cap.
Her picture was shared by her stylist at Elite strands a salon in Brooklyn NewYork. Instagram videos and pictures were shared across social media platforms about how they tackled the removal of the 2 year old weave.
The question i had, was what happened as the hair grew out because as most of us know your hair never stops growing. But i guess you could wear a hat to hide the old tracks, glue and tangled hair from the 2 years worth of neglect.
I feel like the only way out of this would be to do a big chop and that is exactly what the salon confirmed happened:
The stylist is dedicated to what she does. Everybody deserves a healthy hair journey!