Beauty Luxers Hair Braiding Set Includes edge control, hair mousse, hair growth oil, pre-stretched braiding hair, hair wrap, edge brush, and precision parting combs. The picture of each item is located below (beauty luxers brand)
Our Product ingredients are all natural and healthy ingredients. Including castor oil, natural scents, beeswax and olive oil.
Product use/method effect. Below is a three step process showing how to use our edge control. 1. grab some edge control with your index finger. 2. apply to edges of hair and use edge brush to smooth out edges . 3. perfectly laid edges. There are two photos at the bottom of flyer that shows a before and after use on braids.
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Braiding Business Package - BeautyLuxers
Braiding Business Package - BeautyLuxers

Braiding Business Package

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All the tools you need to Start your Braiding Business with your own line of products

  • 100 bags of Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair
  • 50 Antistatic heat resistant precision parting combs
  • 15 Hair mousse
  • 15 Edge control
  • 15 Hair growth oil
  • 15 Edge brushes
  • 15 Hair wraps


❌. No more Hair Store runs 

❌  No more waiting for multiple shipments = $$$

❌  No more Different Vendors


Add Logo/Branding to your order and have your items made with your custom logo on them(Private Label). Start Your Business Now because finding a Vendor just became a whole lot easier!

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