How to do Stitch Braids
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Online Stitch Braid Course

Online Stitch Braid Course

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Take your hair game to the next level!


Luxe University helps aspiring braiders in their pursuit of perfection with the ultimate stitch braid course for beginner and advanced braiding. We’ll even provide you with all the necessary kits and products to keep your hands busy as you learn!


Why you’ll love it:

  • Set At Your Pace - Braiding is an art. And like every other art form, it takes time to bloom. Remember: steady and surely wins the race!
  • 100% Virtual - Whether you’re a casual hobbyist or deciding to go pro, feel free to learn with us in the comfort of your own home.
  • Detailed Techniques - In-depth, step-by-step lessons allow you to get the full experience of the art of braiding, letting your talent shine.
  • Complete Guides - Get the most out of every class with educational tools such as videos, audio, and PDF files to complement your learning.
  • Instant Access - Start your hair care journey as soon as you purchase our amazing bundle. Nobody’s gonna stop you now!

Your success story starts here. So what are you waiting for? Invest in yourself without having to break the bank. Our unique bundle includes the Ultimate Stitch Braid Course, and the Braiders Kit, add the Braiders Products Pack for a complete unique experience.


Order yours today and take your first steps towards building your beauty empire!

Luxe University is all about the art of braiding. We created this course with everyone in mind. Starting from the basic braid, this course will carry you to the advanced level of braiding. Our students will learn Precision Parting, Feed-in Braids, Stitch Braids, Completing a Style, Product Use, and much more. Learn at your own pace with 5 detailed lessons! 



Whether you are a beginner, advanced or aspiring, I look forward to helping you MASTER Stitch Braids! We’re dedicated to helping each learner progress in Stitch braid applications.

Are you Prepared for class ? Grab your Braiders Kit Now! 

Learn to Braid 🅃🄷🄴 🄻🅄🅇🄴 🅆🄰🅈 ✨ Purchase our Sample Pack for the Full Experience


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